Thursday, April 1, 2010

Extra, Extra! Read all about it! The Gauche Girls Open Up!

If you've stopped by the Gauche Alchemy blog today, you'll see that a brand-spanking new design team has been announced, and in honor of that, all the Gauche girls are opening up. How easy are figure out that is! If you haven't started at the beginning of our hop, hop on back to the Gauche blog and start the fun there. There are RAK's up for grabs along the hop, so make sure you comment on each Gauche Girls blog for a chance to win some serious scrap yumminess.

Now for the fun part: Each Gauche Girl has chosen a word that best describes why WE ARE SO GAUCHE! Honey, this is where you need to work it a little. Here's what you do: Find all the words and which hoppin' honey they belong to. Next-head back to the GA blog and post a comment with your answers. If you get it right, you get a shot to win a kick-ass prize pack from the Head Honchettes themselves!

I don't mind being the dirty girl. There is nothing wrong with gettin' down with a big mess and loving it! I curse like a sailor, which makes my mouth pretty dirty too. I fight dirty, play dirty, and I'll be keeping the pillow talk to myself, thank you:) Being Gauche is all about mixing it up, and being who you really are! There are no expectations to be anyone other than YOU. So hop over to the next blog and don't be afraid to be DIRTY!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Since purchasing a new computer, I have had the enormous task of organizing my photos.


Although it has taken me a while to catch everything up, put everything into the right folders, add face recognition, etc...I have really enjoyed seeing how much Kain has grown, and how I have been able to keep track of that growth by scrapping about it. I wanted to share my favorite Kain layouts over the last year with you all. Enjoy!