Friday, September 26, 2008

Come Play With Me, & Win a RAK!

Hey Everyone! I got this idea from Alyssa, (awesome fellow designer for SC) and I thought it would be fun to give everyone a try! Send me an email at with your answers. If you get all of the answers correct, you'll be in the pool to win a fun fall-time RAK! Good Luck!

This is a simple play-on-words game where I give you the clue and you have to name the manufacturer. For example, a clue may be "chilly amphibian", and the answer would be Arctic Frog.

Here We Go!

1. spiffy bloomers
2. flower consonant
3. starry insect
4. standard blah
5. small cowardly transportation
6. A girl in the Alps trading stuff
7. spicy lady
8. hog anecdotes
9. picturesque course
10. shaped paper with nice scenery
11. royalty and her entourage
12. clever fantasies
13. imagination road
14. fiddling pigment
15. A girl in the Alps and her forgiveness
16. artsy diner
17. carton of looseleaf
18. one more than six nomads
19. patriotic arts
20. fall foliage
21. three insects in a carpet
22. creating recollections
23. my brain's ocular lens
24. fall after lunch
25. rosy doodle
26. This kind of donna
27. Old Cucumber
28. Coin Sable