Monday, October 13, 2008

Hello Ontario!

In my own little scrapping world, I am making some progress. It's fun to go from dreaming of doing to doing to finally getting overwhelmed with doing. Ha! Really- it is fun. I have an order for a 12x12 for a woman in Ontario, Canada. I have no idea how this woman found my website, because sometimes, I forget that I even have one! Things seem to be moving into a good direction for me...I find myself trying to buy time with people who request order info. I told a woman from NJ to look at the website again to check pricing and to decide what area she wants to scrap in. I don't think I've ever been happy to have a break from scrapping. But now that I have a pending order, I need to get to work. Just happy I've made it all the way to Ontario. :)


Angel Gurl said...

Hey thats so excting whoo hoot. Apologies but I just got notification this morning that you had updated and I discover abour four posts from you. I wasn't ignoring you.